During my time as a contributing writer for Viewfind I worked with photojournalists from all over the world to tell their stories. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Photo Credit: Drew Collins
Photo Credit: Drew Collins
Landsker: Little England’s Invisible Line

Mark Griffiths has been visiting Pembrokeshire since childhood, but this time he returned to photograph the invisible line separating hundreds of years of English history from the rest of the Welsh countryside.



Photo Credit: Annie Spratt
From Quarantined to Contained

Louis Leeson spent several months in Sierra Leone during the peak of the Ebola outbreak in 2014, and returned again in 2016 after the disease had been contained. The story that follows is his comparative experience in Freetown during and after the crisis.



Photo Credit: Jon Phillips
Tending Tradition on Kaechele Ranch 

Allison Hess is a native Texan who spent several years photographing the 100-year-old farm known as Kaechele Ranch. We spoke at length about the changing times for Texas ranchers and the captivating beauty of these wide open spaces. Read my telling of Hess’ photo story below.



Photo Credit: Zurem Muru
Swallowed by the Sea: Ashar Chor Braves the Tide

Photojournalist Khaled Hasan spent time with the communities of fish-driers on Ashar Chor, an island that’s expected to disappear in several years’ time due to rising sea temperatures.


Photo Credit: Annie Spratt