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I’ll work with your team to level up messaging (from that vague stuff you wrote a few years ago) and capture interest (think: emails that are opened, blogs that are read, social that gets likes).

– Blogs & emails
– Social posts & web pages
– Content strategy
– (Insert your copywriting project here)

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5 Things Every 20-Something Should Know
The Crew Behind The Drome
The Sound of Wings
The Infamous Long Distance Relationship
The 10 Best Books For (Fiction) Writers


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Contributed three stories for Lenovo’s Thinkpad 25 Magazine


Should You Use the Same Real Estate Agent to Buy and Sell a Home? 
Vignette Staging for Beginners: Get Your Home Sold by Telling a Story
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Should You Refinance With Your Current Lender?
Credit Repair, Rapid Rescore and Qualifying for a Mortgage?
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How to Sell Your Small (Not Tiny) Home Fast
3 Secret Home Staging Tips Pros Do Without Telling You About Them
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Where To Rent Campervans and RVs in California
Best Places to Camp to See Fall Foliage


Instagram feed for Grasshopper Kiosks

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Meet Beatboxing Bagpipe Artist Jamus Pajamas

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 8.20.41 PMSocial for The League

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Interview With Author Paul Madonna on Close Enough For The Angels
Inside the David Ireland House
Interview With Author Cary Cordova On The Heart Of The Mission 

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Fan pages for MotoAmerica

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Wild Things In Wild Places: Best Adventures for Spotting Wildlife
Acadia National Park
3-Day Itinerary in Acadia National Park

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31 San Francisco Coffee Shops You’ll Fall in Love With
Souvla- Healthy, Greek-Inspired Eats
All The Healthiest Restaurants in SF Right Now